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Brian Eno Lecture about Everything that Matters
Happy birthday Brian Eno.
I’ve always been a huge fan of his approach and creative process as a producer. He is somehow outside of the bullshite industry while creating remarkable artistic influences. Or really innovating and testing our culture.
In this lecture from Moscow, he talks about the differences between classical music’s hierarchical structure versus the collective result of studio music. He correlates music production to be more like painting and that technology frees the modern listener from time and space synthetically. He coins the term “scenius”, to explain the collective mind of an art movement.


endless birdsong radio feed

This is super relaxing in the heat somehow. 

Null - Wave - 80’s synthetic from Glenda.

New full moon release from glasscapsule.

(APRIL) Here’s a new soundscape experiment called Feathery Husk, because lately it feels like the husk isn’t solid the way it once was. It’s cracking away to reveal something new underneath. The new name for these spaces will be Ledge by Ledge which seems at once precarious and rewarding. Njoy.

Pleasant Old Things by Rotary Hammer.