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speed trading bots go berserk


High Frequency trading bots flood the market with Quote spam

Happy May Day – These CEOs Got Paid $100+ Million Each To Quit
My personal favorite is Tom Freston who worked for 9 months and made over 100 million fucking dollars for NOT buying myspace. ?! He was the CRAFTIEST! Awesome job BRO!
Remember the internship you did working for MTV ‘s Real World? Well this guy took your fucking $$$. You did get free soda though.

Skull “Hobo” Nickels

The sudden scarcity of jobs in the early 1930s forced a huge number of men to hit the road. Certainly some coins were carved to fill the idle hours. More importantly, a ‘knight of the road,’ with no regular source of income, could take one of these plentiful coins and turn it into a folk art piece, which could in turn be sold or traded for small favors such as a meal or shelter for a night.

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A friend of mine managed to do this screen cap. I think we need a wizard to fix our economy. 
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Heard firsthand on the street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Actual Conversation):

Man has a clipboard and confronts an old woman.

MAN: Well, If you don’t want to sign the petition, it’s up to you.

OLD WOMAN: That’s right.

MAN: It’s a…

OLD WOMAN: You can’t make ME!!!