This is a tool to separate signal from noise.
Drag objects around.
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Spillway version 14 - Found Archive

Classic Spillway module. Please test. Drag the channels.

Oh yea, it won’t work on a phoney phone cause it can’t handle the 9 draggable channels. MAYBE IN THE FUTURE IF THERE IS ONE.

The Largest Vocabulary in HipHop”I used a research methodology called token analysis to determine each artist’s vocabulary. Each word is counted once, so pimps, pimp, pimping, and pimpinare four unique words. To avoid issues with apostrophes (e.g., pimpin’ vs. pimpin), they’re removed from the dataset. It still isn’t perfect. Hip hop is full of slang that is hard to transcribe (e.g., shorty vs. shawty), compound words (e.g., king shit), featured vocalists, and repetitive choruses.
It’s still directionally interesting. Of the 85 artists in the dataset, let’s take a look at who is on top.”
From the WFMU newsletter. Give them some love.

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

Happy biirthday David Lynch. Time for crazy clown time from a few years back. 

Happy birthday SUN RECORDS!

Sun Records is a record label founded in MemphisTennessee, starting operations on March 27, 1952.[1]

Founded by Sam Phillips, Sun Records was notable for discovering and first recording such influential musicians as Elvis PresleyCarl PerkinsRoy OrbisonJerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. (Presley’s recording contract was sold to RCA Victor Records for $35,000 in 1955 to relieve financial difficulties which Sun was going through.) Prior to those records, Sun Records had concentrated on recording African-American musicians, because Phillips loved Rhythm and Blues and wanted to bring black music to a white audience. It was Sun record producer and engineerJack Clement, who discovered and recorded Jerry Lee Lewis, while owner Sam Phillips was away on a trip to Florida. The original Sun Records logo was designed by John Gale Parker, Jr., a resident of Memphis and high school classmate of Phillips.